10 Best FL Studio Stock Plugins (Trap Music)

Nowadays, creating trap music is very popular among renowned producers and FL Studio is one of the most used DAWs for this music genre. So in this post, I will show you the best FL Studio stock plugins for trap music.

So stay tuned to find out what are some of the most used plugins by trap producers and start using them to improve the quality of your tracks.

Let’s get started!

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10 Best FL Studio Stock Plugins For Trap Music

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Best Stock FL Studio Plugins For Trap Beats

The plugins you will see below are included natively in the Fruity Loops software. In other words, they will be available for use without any restrictions and free of charge according to the DAW edition you have installed.

These plugins have been chosen based on their versatility, useful features, and great performance.

I use most of them in my beats on a frequent basis and they are amazing, I highly recommend them.

1) Flex

It’s a new default FL Studio 20 plugin equipped with an easy-to-browse graphical interface. It is based on presets synchronized by a subtractive synthesis engine, waves, and frequencies.

In it, you will find arpeggios and presets with powerful sounds and knobs that allow you to test each of its sounds.

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In addition, it integrates the 808 drum machine, with more options that I invite you to check when creating your trap melodies.

Personally, I really like the renewed aspect of this plugin, since in its interface you will find the following:

  • An online library that is frequently updated with new sound packs that you can download.
  • It consists of packages installed by default, with different options that you can use when creating trap music.
  • It includes an online store to purchase more packs in order to create unlimited audio.
  • It has a graphic screen where you can see the evolution of the audio.
  • It has 8 preset macros, I recommend them, as they automate sequences of events such as mouse clicks and constant keystrokes.

2) GMS

Known as Groove Machine Synth. It is a synthesizer equipped with many high quality sounds sorted into categories. It is one of my favorites because of its MIDI synchronization and 5-band equalizer, perfect for creating unique trap tracks.

Also, in its options bar you find this:

  • WaveShape is equipped with three oscillators and a total of 30 waves, with a pitch change for each one.
  • The Mixer section, where the oscillators are mixed, is ideal for obtaining various types of sounds. It also has a Noise potentiometer, which inserts white noises.
  • Unison section, designed to add one or more voices to the track, and equipped with a knob that controls the stereo and the Detune knob to slightly detune a sound.
  • Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass filters.
  • Collection of envelopes that allow you to add filters, frequencies, or modulators.
  • FX section with reverb, delay, flanger, distortion, and crash effects.
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3) Sawer

This is an excellent FL Studio 20 VST equipped with a user-friendly interface. In it, you will find arpeggios, leads, powerful filters, Sync frequency modulation, reverb effects, delay, chorus, and phaser effects.

I suggest you explore its 250 native sounds, so your traps will be the best.

Other features include:

  • It has an oscillator for SAW subtractive synthesis and Sync frequency.
  • It is equipped with a noise oscillator.
  • It has the UNISON section with 8 voices with detuning, Octaver, and stereo panning.
  • It has 2 envelope generators that you can apply to the modulation settings.
  • SYNC/ RING frequency modulation system.
  • 4 Modes of low pass, band, and high pass filter.

4) Autogun

This plugin stands out for its extensive sound library, hosting millions of presets. Its acoustic potential is the best and consists of effects from Soundgoodizer, perfect for the creation of your traps.

I recommend you to use it, as it gives you full control of the volume, copy or move sounds as much as you prefer.

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5) MiniSynth

It is a synthesizer equipped with the best sounds that will allow you to create powerful melodies. I tell you, this build-in FL Studio 20 plugin has 6 tabs that are over the synthesizer controls, ideal for programming it as you wish.

In addition, this VST comes included in FL Studio Mobile, where you can make trap music and convert them to FL Studio format.

It also features an advanced multi-mode oscillator, envelopes, low frequency oscillators, delay, chorus, distortion, chorus, and phaser effects.

6) Morphine

It is a powerful plug-in located in the presets with good sounds, ideal for creating different trap audios. It presents an addictive interface, with controls that you can adjust manually.

It is another of my favorites for its following features:

  • Powerful sound engine, optimized for low CPU usage.
  • Consists of 4 independent voice generators.
  • An unlimited number of harmonics or breakpoints are available.
  • Controls amplitude, panning, and detuning of harmonics.
  • Integrates 5 effects, such as reverb, chorus, delay, distortion, and equalization.
  • It has 340 factory sounds of the highest quality.
  • Option to import waves from an audio file.
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7) Sakura

If you like to play a variety of sounds, I recommend you to use this plugin. It has excellent sound samples located in the “Default” tab and includes echoes of piano, strings, guitars, and violins, giving you absolute control when creating with the instruments in your traps.

It has controls to raise or lower the volume of the tracks as you prefer.

8) Sytrus

It is one of the best build-in plugins of FL Studio 20 for its excellent sounds ordered in categories. In the presets you will find pads, percussion, and pianos.

Also, I suggest you check its options bar since there you will see settings, controls, modulators, equalization, waveform change, and harmonics.

Other features are:

  • It integrates 6 oscillators or operators with customization options.
  • It has options for frequency modulation, amplitude, ring, and subtractive synthesis.
  • It has the best envelope sounds and LFO tempo 12.
  • 12 types of filters and delay, reverb, dissonance, and unison effects.
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9) Gross Beat

It is a plugin designed for live recordings, rendered with glitches, repetition, gating, scratching, and stuttering.

It stores the audios in a 2-bar buffer controlled by 36 time and volume envelopes that you can adjust as you wish.

What I like most about this VST are its time presets. These can be synced to a keyboard, automation source, or pad controller, ideal for making instant changes when creating the track.

Other features include:

  • MIDI-driven envelope collection.
  • Live effects, ideal for real-time performances.
  • It has 36 volume envelopes adjustable according to your preferences.
  • Synchronized or separate volume and control slot.

10) Fruity Parametric EQ2

It is a native FL Studio synthesizer and equalizer that performs its functions through 7 customizable bands.

You can make the adjustments you want thanks to its FFT filters, a program that analyzes the frequencies in your tracks.

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I recommend this tool for mastering your trap samples because of these features:

  • Graphical frequency display with histogram, so you will be aware of any detail in the recording.
  • Revamped interface with a rotating display of phase to the middle or side.
  • Phase mode capable of high-speed modulation.
  • Mute switches.
  • Response down-sampling filters.

How to make Trap Music with FL Studio built-in plugins (Video tutorial)

FAQs – Making Trap music with FL Studio stock plugins

What sounds do trap producers use?

The most common sounds used by trap music producers are kicks, snares, hit hats, loops, bass, claps, and sounds from the popular Roland TR-808 plugin.

Where do music producers get their sounds?

Most music producers get their sound samples by buying them from online stores, sound distribution, and resale platforms or simply create them by remastering tracks designed by other musicians.

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