FL Studio Mobile: Download For iPad & iOS Mobiles

If you are a fan of music production, surely Fruity Loops is an indispensable tool for your projects.

Fortunately, the apk has also been released for mobile devices and is available for download in the Apple Store.

The mobile version of FL Studio is a good option to consider since it offers us an interesting amount of functions.

Such as using high-quality synthesizers, drum and rhythm kits, editing, recording, sequencing, and rendering complete audio tracks with relative ease, and everything at our fingertips.

However, not everything is rosy, compared to desktop versionsFL Studio on iPhone and iPad devices is quite limited.

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Buy FL Studio mobile for iPhone and iPad

Table of Contents

Features of FL Studio Mobile iPhone & iPad

Now, we are going to see all the functions that FL Studio mobile for iPhone and iPad provide:

1- Production:

  • Drum kits, sliced loop rhythms, high-quality synths, and samplers.
  • Export to WAV and MP3, load and save your songs.
  • Load your projects.

2- Sequencer:

  • Fast percussion programming.

3- Virtual keyboard:

  • For piano and drum pads.

4- MIDI:

  • Play instruments and link with knobs and sliders.
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5- Audio:

  • Monitoring, recording, and track length import.
  • Per instrument, you can attack time, volume, release, and pan.

6- Browse:

  • Sample, presets, and pitchable preview.

7- Audio engine:

  • High-quality.

8- Mixer:

  • Volume adjustment, pan, effects bus, solo, and mute.

9- Effects:

  • Auto ducker, chorus, compressor, limiter, distortion, parametric EQ, graphic EQ, flanger, reverb, high / low pass / passband / formant (Vox) filters, delays, and phaser.
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10- Piano Roll:

  • Editing recorded performances, notes, and chords.

11- Screen layout:

  • Work in all screen resolutions and sizes.

12- Plugins:

  • Has some free plugins.

13- Wireless:

  • Share projects, and songs with other FL Studio platforms.

Get FL Studio Mobile 3 for iOS / iPad

You can purchase this version in the Apple Store for only $ 13.99. Unfortunately, this application only has a paid version.

However, we think that for the functions offered, it is a price more than acceptable. 

Buy FL Studio Mobile 3 here:

Buy FL Studio Mobile for iOS and iPad

FL Studio Mobile for iOS has a lot of interesting features you may like.

Also, we recommend you buy the plugins to enable extra functions and have a better experience. 

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