Soundgoodizer VST (& 17 Best Alternatives to It in 2022)

FL Studio Soundgoodizer and amazing alternatives

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Soundgoodizer. This powerful tool is based on the Maximus Soundprocess engine, which allows us to maximize-enhance the soundtracks. In essence, the Soundgoodizer is a free VST plugin that works by enhancing audio tracks or vocals through the processes of compression and saturation, resulting in a … Read more »

Are FL Studio Stock Plugins Good for Making Music?

Can You Make Good Music with FL Studio Stock Plugins?

Are you an FL Studio user? Can You Make Good Music with FL Studio Stock Plugins? Here I will tell you everything you need to know about making good music with FL Studio stock plugins. You will also learn why this music production software is so widely used by renowned music producers. FL Studio’s stock … Read more »

10 Best FL Studio Stock Plugins (Trap Music)

10 Best FL Studio Stock Plugins For Trap Music

Nowadays, creating trap music is very popular among renowned producers and FL Studio is one of the most used DAWs for this music genre. So in this post, I will show you the best FL Studio stock plugins for trap music. So stay tuned to find out what are some of the most used plugins … Read more »

10 Best FL Studio Stock Plugins (You Must Use)

FL Studio: Best Stock Plugins Every Producer Must Use

FL Studio is one of the most valuable and popular Digital Audio Workstations used by an infinite number of producers. Do you wanna know What are the best FL Studio Stock plugins? So, I will show you which are the best stock plugins that are included by default and for free in this awesome music … Read more »

How To Use Edison In FL Studio & 10 Best Alternatives

How to use Edison in FL Studio and best alternatives to it

Edison is an audio recording, editing, and exporting utility integrated and hosted in FL Studio as a native plugin, which allows you to enhance your songs in an impressive way. This VST is a much more complete and powerful tool than the editing options that FL Studio brings in its toolbar. In this tutorial, I’m … Read more »

How To Get Omnisphere 2 VST Plugin On FL Studio 20

Omnisphere 2 VST plugin for FLStudio 20

When it comes to synthesizer plugins, Omnisphere is undoubtedly one of the most desired by music production professionals, due to its versatility and because it is very complete, it is practically the ultimate tool, dreamed by everyone, capable of transforming almost any DAW into an impressive working instrument. Omnisphere is a VST plugin designed by … Read more »