FL Studio Producer Edition (What plugins come with?)

In this post, I show you an extensive list of stock plugins and instruments that are included in the Producer Edition of FL Studio.

I also explain what some of these tools are used for based on my experience as a music producer.

So, What plugins does the FL Studio Producer Edition come with?

FL Studio Producer Edition comes equipped with a large list of plugins by default.

Among these are synthesizers, compressors, equalizers, samplers, distorters, effects plugins, sequencers, audio recording and editing, and many others.

It also includes support for MIDI controllers and a great library with samples, vocals, loops, and sound effects.

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What plugins come with FL Studio Producer Edition?

Table of Contents

FL Studio Producer Edition plugins list

The Producer Edition of FL Studio 20 developed by Image-Line has a big list of stock plugins, tools, and effects (more than 80) for the creation of complete songs.

Through using the new editing and design features available in this interface, which has been completely remodeled for the user.

FL Studio 20 Producer Edition

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It allows you to record with microphones and external instruments.

In addition, it is ideal for sampling sounds, creating loops and the best thing is it has an extensive collection of built-in plugins with unique features.

Which in my opinion are great for working on any musical project.

What plugins do you get with FL Studio Producer Edition? Let’s get started!

1) Flex

It is a powerful synthesizer based on presets equipped with excellent automatic sounds.

It stands out for its subtractive synthesis, multisampling, wavetable, AM, and FM.

Additionally, Flex has an online library, which is frequently updated.

So that you can download the audios you prefer in your composition.

If you want to use it, here’s how to get Flex for FL Studio.

2) Edison

This is a recording plugin with a powerful audio editor included.

It can be used on any clip in the mixer and will record at the position of your choice.

In addition, you can insert as many samples into this VST as you want in the effects slot.

I encourage you to learn how to use and record with Edison through the tutorial I have prepared.

3) Autogun

It is a synthesizer equipped with different sounds or presets, with functions similar to the Ogun plugin.

It consists of effects such as chorus, delay, filter, reverb, and equalizer.

4) Sytrus

It is a stock plug-in for the Producer Edition, compatible with VSTi and DXi software.

In its options menu, you will find controls, settings, waveform changes, modulators, harmonic editing, and equalization.

It integrates an FM synthesizer that works with 6 operators, envelope sounds, and adjustable LFO with a tempo of 12.

In addition, it has 12 types of filters, including effects such as reverb, filters, delay, dissonance, unison, and 3 waveshapers.

5) Fruity Vocoder

It is an excellent vocal encoder with an extensive collection of programmable and low latency settings, which works in real-time.

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This plugin has a port that allows you to pass the frequency and perform modulation.

I recommend you to use this VST if you want to make real human voice recordings.

6) Soundgoodizer

If you like to boost the power of your tracks, I suggest you use this software.

Soundgoodizer works as a sound maximizer, which boosts the audio of your tracks, giving them a stereo effect.

Its simple operation is based on the engine of the famous Maximus compressor, which with its multiband can compress and saturate individual or collective tracks.

Learn how Soundgoodizer works and when to use it correctly.

I also show you an extensive list of the best alternatives on the market to this plugin.

7) Vocodex

It is a voice encoder plugin, equipped with advanced surround sounds.

This modulator integrates a synthesizer and a sound maximizer.

It has 100 voice encoding bands with different parameters of variable width.

8) Fruity Compressor

This is one of the best native plugins of the Producer Edition.

The Fruity Compressor is a simple compressor, adjustable with limiters for different frequencies of sounds.

It has handy controls for adjusting the input and output volume of the audio.

I suggest you use this plugin if you want to create:

  • Individual tracks on the Mixer slots.
  • Vocal tracks with individual percussion, kick drum and bass sounds.
  • Master tracks on the Master channel or Mixer by applying compression to an entire song.

9) FL Keys

It is a synthesizer that works as a multi-sampled piano simulator.

It is capable of playing different samples and is really a sampler that you should use when recording with external keyboards.

10) Patcher

Powerful VST that works as an instrument or effect to chain multiple musical effects in several units and reuse them in your musical projects.

I love this plugin because it allows you to insert unlimited instruments into a single effect slot.

FL Studio 20 Producer Edition

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11) Fruity Granulizer

The Fruity Granulizer is a plugin that works with granular synthesis samples or rhythmic explosions of energy in an acoustic envelope.

I recommend you to use this plugin when stretching musical waves without changing their pitch or in the creation of complex audio effects.

Its parameters are adjustable, perfect for making a basic composition and transforming it into a powerful distorted audio.

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12) Fruity Pad Controller

This VST is also known as FPC, which is a coded and optimized complement to the Producer Edition.

It is a powerful rhythm box with multiple layers, speeds for track creation, editing system, support for MIDI keyboards, and drum kit interchange.

If you like loud sounds, I recommend you to use this plugin.

It has the following features:

  • It consists of sounds and patterns, is easy to use, equipped with a media library with the possibility to download new tracks.
  • Its interface is divided into three parts, with different tools for music creation.
  • The size of the interface can be adjusted, so you can create your sounds with the greatest graphical comfort.

13) Fruity Parametric EQ2

It is an EQ plugin that works with 7 configurable bands, allowing quick adjustments of parameters that are somewhat difficult to do with FFT filters, algorithms that analyze frequencies in normal soundtracks.

I like it for mastering and boosting specific frequencies of a particular instrument.

14) Equo FL Studio

This is a VST equalizer and is designed to automatically make adjustments to live recordings or performances.

It has a simple to use graphic panel, with EQ VOL and PAN controls, which allow sounds to be specifically changed individually.

15) Fruity Phaser

This is an excellent plugin that works with different frequencies in a signal that are delayed by different amounts, generating peaks in the track.

It takes up little CPU usage and is equipped with effects that I suggest you explore one by one in your beats.

16) Fruity Reeverb 2

This is an enhanced reverb plugin, which works as an acoustic effects simulator.

It is equipped with several settings to simulate various acoustic spaces and is the perfect choice for transforming the sounds of your electronic and acoustic instruments.

In addition, it is ideal for creating soft or intense reverbs, with a maximum duration of 20 seconds, which is why it stands out and is used by many producers.

17) Fruity Delay 3

It is the third improved version of the Fruity Delay software. It stands out for being a delay synthesizer.

Which executes this function synchronized with the tempo at the moment the BPM of the project changes.

In addition, it has echo distortion functions, which are activated in auto oscillation or special effects.

18) Fruity Flanger

It is a cancellation VST designed through different delayed copies of the incoming sound.

It has 9 parameters with different functions that you can apply to your tracks, i.e. soft or hard delays.

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19) Fruity Flangus

This versatile plugin is designed to insert flange effects into your mixes.

It simulates unison sounds thanks to its adjustable tools.

20) Maximus

This is a native Producer Edition plugin, which serves as a multiband maximizer to get precise compressions in the final touches of your track.

It is also perfect for compressing individual bass or kick drum audios.

I recommend it because it’s great for mastering.

Main features:

  • Consists of three frequency bands: bass, mid and high, all independent.
  • Custom band anticipation system.
  • It is equipped with 4 limiters, per HML band, and a wide band compressor.
  • The curves of each compressor are variable.
  • It can be easily configured according to your preferences.

21) Fruity Stereo Enhancer

It is a plugin designed to change and enhance the stereo image of the incoming sound, equipped with processors and filters.

Thanks to these, you can adjust the stereo effects present in the track.

22) Fruity Stereo Shaper

This is an excellent stereo widening plug-in. It is very easy to apply and I suggest you use it to:

  • Control mixer channels.
  • Enhance the stereo information that is in the audio input signal.
  • Apply effects only on the stereo signal without altering the main mix.

What other instruments come with FL Studio Producer Edition?

The Producer Edition stands out for its huge list of stock plugins, compared to the most basic version of FL Studio and other DAWs on the market.

It has the following extra plugins:

  • DirectWave player
  • Newtime
  • Fruity Bass Boost
  • 3x OSC
  • BassDrum
  • BooBass
  • Groove Machine Synth (GMS)
  • MiniSynth
  • Distructor
  • Fruity Limiter
  • Wave Traveller
  • Speech Synthesizer
  • Slicex
  • Plucked
  • Channel Sampler
  • Fruity Kick
  • Fruity Slicer
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Get FL Studio Producer Edition

The FL Studio Producer version has a price of $199.99 dollars and as you have seen in this post.

And it comes with a lot of plugins, effects, and virtual instruments.

FL Studio 20 Producer Edition

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For the price, it is definitely worth it. This version is the most purchased and recommended edition of this DAW.

It has everything you need to produce high-quality music of any genre without having to spend more money on higher versions or plugins from other providers.