Best FL Studio Sound Packs: Boost Your Rhythms

In the world of music production, you can create very good audio tracks and you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field. The secret is to use the appropriate sound samples or plugins.

However to use most of these you need to buy them and sometimes they are very expensive but don’t worry, here we have the solution.

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That’s why in this article we bring you a compilation of some interesting samples that are Royalty-free (you can use them in commercial music).

So you can use them without worries in your musical projects and create your own tracks like a pro.

Table of Contents

Melody V2

If you are a trap creator, you will love this loop pack. You can freely modify the presets according to your needs, which are free as well as the MIDI feature. These awesome sounds were created by Trisamples.

This pack is based on 140 Bpm and also includes the dedicated .fsc files for FL Studio.

Melody V2 Sample for FL Studio


  • 12 loops
  • 12 preset patches
  • 12x .fsc for Fruity Loops
  • 12x .nsmv (NI massive presets)
  • 12x .wav (24bit, 44100Hz)
  • All loops at 140 Bpm
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Dark Tecno Kicks

This is a free sample created by Victek Music based on dark techno sounds and contains 54 files.

Everything included in this pack is 24 bit 44,100 Hz Wav format, allowing you to create great audio tracks with superb quality.

Dark Tecno Kicks for FL Studio


  • 15 Dark kick one-shots
  • 7 Rolling kick loops
  • 15 Dark kick loops
  • 4 Synth samples
  • 5 Impacts
  • 3 FX
  • 5 Serum presets

99 Drum Samples

This sample has been developed by the 99 Sounds’ team and it’s an electronic and acoustic drum sound library.

This pack is pretty good due to its high quality and the care with which it has been created (all the sound pack has been carefully edited, trimmed, and normalized to -0.1 dB).

99 Drum Samples for FL Studio

The 99 Drum samples come with all its content (99 drum hits) in 24-bit WAV format completely for free.


  • 6 clap samples
  • 1 cowbell
  • 4 crash cymbal 
  • 11 closed hi-hats
  • 26 kick drums
  • 5 open hi-hats
  • 10 percussion samples
  • 2 ride cymbals
  • 3 shakers
  • 22 snare drums
  • 9 toms
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SampleRadar 354 free ’90s samples

This FL Studio royalty-free pack is a collection based on acid house and rave used for dancing sounds during the ’90s.

All the sounds come as high-quality WAV files which means they can be imported and used easily in any digital audio workstation or sampler of your preference.

354 free '90s samples for FL Studio

All the sounds are being developed by the Music Radar Company.


  • Arps and basslines
  • Beats and synths

Incredible Chords Vol. 1

This chords sample pack is a good option for musical styles like house, jazz, Soulection, electronic, among others.

It is an essential and unique collection compatible with Fruity Loops and useful for those who have a low budget and want a royalty pack for free.

This is the volume number 1 and the developers are working on the next versions.

Incredible Chords Vol. 1 for FL Studio

So keep visiting the developer website for future updates.


  • Several chords
  • Plucks
  • Stabs
  • Pads
  • Pianos loops
  • Extra folder
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