FL Studio Free Alternatives (13 Best Open Source DAWs)

Best open source DAWs alternatives to FL Studio

When it comes to music production, FL Studio is one of the best options to take into account. However, not everyone has the economic resources to pay for a license that gives you more advanced features, especially if you are a student, or you are starting with a low budget, which is quite normal. However, … Read more

52 Famous Music Producers Who Use FL Studio

Famous Music Producers That Use FL Studio

If you want to know who are some of the famous music producers that use FL Studio to compose songs for big celebrities and artists, then you’re in the right place. I will also show you what their biggest hits as musicians have been, how they got their start, and what their careers as popular … Read more

13 Best Free Chromebook Alternatives to FL Studio (2023)

Best Chrome OS alternatives to fl studio 20

In this article, I bring you a compilation of the best DAWs similar to FL Studio available for computers with Chrome OS and start making music anywhere. These computers are very popular devices, widespread all over the world, and that’s why many music producers use Chromebooks as recording studios. However, there is not as much … Read more

FL Studio 12 vs 20 (Which Is The Best For You?)

FL Studio 12 vs 20 1

One of the most frequently asked questions in communities or forums is the comparison between FL Studio 12 vs 20. So many producers ask themselves the question ”which is the best version of the two, which one is better for me, which one has the best features?” Well in this article, we will solve all … Read more

8 FL Studio Free Trial Limitations (You Must Know)

FL Studio Free Trial Limitations

You may be interested in using the Fruity Loops demo and take advantage of its full potential to make your songs. However, do you know what are the limitations of the FL Studio free trial? Although it is free, it comes equipped with a lot of instruments, synthesizers and sounds to create all kinds of … Read more

FL Studio Birthday Discounts (Are Still Working In 2023?)

FL Studio Birthday Discounts (Are they still working?)

Looking for a discount to buy FL Studio on your birthday? As one of the most popular music production programs on the market, it’s no wonder that FL Studio often offers price reductions to its users. Image-Line usually gives amazing discounts of up to $100 to its users when purchasing licenses and products. But is … Read more

FL Studio Free Trial vs Full Paid (In-Depth Guide)

FL Studio Free Trial vs Full Paid (Which one is the best for you?)

Are you interested in knowing more about the differences between the trial and full versions of Fruity Loops? Well, in this article, I will make a detailed comparison between FL Studio free trial vs full paid editions. We will also analyze what are their Pros and Cons. When comparing head to head FL Studio free … Read more

10 FL Studio Pros And Cons You Must Be Aware

FL Studio Pros And Cons Every Producer Must Be Aware Of

FL Studio is undoubtedly one of the top-rated DAWs in the music recording industry. For that reason, in this article, I want to discuss some of the pros and cons of using this software. Here you will learn what are some of its benefits and limitations so that you can know its strengths and weaknesses … Read more

Is FL Studio Good For Making Music? All You Should Know

Is FL Studio Good For Making Music?

In the music industry, FL Studio is one of the most valued DAWs used by renowned DJs and music producers, since it is possible to create good music. Moreover, in this post, I will show you what type of music is FL Studio good for. This way you will know in which types of scenarios … Read more

FL Studio vs Reaper – Comprehensive Guide

FL Studio vs Reaper - Ultimate Guide

In this post, I show you a comparative guide of FL Studio vs Reaper, two of the most popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) on the market. Both software are great and used by famous music producers. Besides, you will learn which of these two is the one that best suits your needs. I will also … Read more