Is FL Studio Good for Recording Music? (Find Out!)

Is FL Studio good for recording music Ultimate Guide

In this post, I’m going to cover some of the most important aspects of recording vocals, instruments, and live sounds in FL Studio. In general, FL Studio is a good DAW for recording music, vocals, or instruments of any kind, as it features powerful plugins and music production tools. Thus, making recording a simple task … Read more

10 Reasons Why FL Studio Is Good For Making Beats

10 reasons why FL Studio is good for making beats

Fruity Loops is one of the most powerful music production software used by expert beatmakers to create beats and rhythms of various genres. FL Studio is undoubtedly a good DAW for making beats, being considered by many music production professionals as the best software for making beats in the market due to a large number … Read more

Why FL Studio Is The Best DAW for Music? (15 Reasons)

Reasons why FL Studio is the Best DAW for music production

There are many reasons why FL Studio is the best music production software on the market. Thanks to it we can produce, mix and master amazing and high-quality songs. FL Studio is the best DAW for producing music because stands out for its ease of recording, editing, sampling, and adding VSTs to your music projects. … Read more

FL Studio vs Ableton Live: Buying Guide For Beginners

FL Studio vs Ableton Live - Which Is Better For You?

It is very common to see music producers comparing and discussing about FL Studio 20 vs Ableton Live and wondering which one is better. That’s why I decided to create this basic guide for beginners to help people make the best purchasing decision. For several years I’ve been using the powerful Ableton Live tool as … Read more