How To Merge / Consolidate Audio Clips In FL Studio 20 (For Beginners)

If you want to merge audio clips in FL Studio with the highest quality possible you must first know how this DAW works. The more you know about its features and what you can do with them, the better your chances of offering your clients a quality product.

However, it is very common to see new producers ask how to compile audio clips, notes, MIDI sounds, patterns, vocals, tracks, and more, which is very easy to do.

For Merging audio in FL Studio, just select the audio clips in the playlist and right-click on the channel where they are contained, choose the Consolidate this Track option, then click From Song Start, and in the render window press the start button to combine your audio files.

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Knowing how to perform this procedure correctly will help you increase your workflow and create more sophisticated audio tracks. In this post I will show you in a simple way how to combine samples to turn them into Loops, so stay tuned!

Merging audio clips in FL Studio 20

Table of Contents

1) Merging Audio Clips, and Vocals In FL Studio 20

The technique of consolidating audio is really necessary for the day-to-day life of a producer. If you want to improve your skills when using FL I recommend you to master it and try to memorize what I am going to show you next.

In my experience, there are several methods of combining audio files ranging from using the toolbar and the mouse or simply selecting the channel with the tracks, or vocals you want to compile and use keyboard shortcuts.

A) How to Compile Clips

1- The first thing to do is to select the audio tracks or vocals to be merged in the Playlist.
2- Move to the toolbar and pick the Selector Tool.
3- Now with the mouse highlight all the sounds you want to consolidate.
4- Then move to the Channel of the track where the audios are contained.
5- Right-click on it and go to the Consolidate this Track option.
6- And then choose From Song Start.
7- A rendering window will open with several settings.
8- Go to the very bottom and hit Start.
9- Finally, wait a moment for all your notes to be compiled.

Consolidating a track with Fruity Loops Studio

Congratulations, you have combined your audio clips into one. It’s a simple, but very necessary process.

This method is the same for consolidating MIDI files as well.

If you want to listen to the consolidated file, just mutate the other track channels and press the play button on the toolbar to listen to the sound.

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I also want to strongly encourage you to see down in this post the recommended settings to get the best sound quality when combining MIDI, notes, vocals, audio clips, patterns, or any sample in FL Studio.

B) Merge Audio Clips with Shortcuts

This method is quite simple and is one of my favorites. It is truly one of the best ways to consolidate files and speed up your workflow.

In the FL Studio playlist select with your mouse each of the audio tracks you want to merge. Then press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+C and the render window will open. Finally, press the Start button to start compiling the audio clips and wait for the conversion to finish.

This procedure can be applied to vocals, patterns, tracks, or any file you want to combine into your songs.

C) How to Consolidate Multiple Tracks in FL Studio

Imagine you are working on a big project and it has a lot of audio files scattered all over the FL Studio playlist and you need to compile them all. Well, I’m going to give you the solution below.

To merge multiple audio notes that are hosted in different channels of the playlist you just have to turn on the audio track selector located in the toolbar and choose one by one all the audio clips that you need to combine.

After you have all the files selected, press the hotkeys CTRL+ALT+C. Now a dialog box will appear and click the Start button to compile all the files into a single audio track.

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This method is of vital importance since through it we can combine several playlist files into one. This way we can have our whole music project more organized, which would help to increase our productivity.

Tip: You can select several clips to merge holding CTRL and left-click.

This is great, it’s just wonderful!

Another interesting trick is to consolidate multiple channels in which you have several sound files. You can do this by selecting the channels you want to combine and then press CTRL+ALT+C to start the channel merging process.

2) How to Consolidate Patterns In FL Studio

Now I’m going to show you several methods for working with pattern clips. So pay close attention so you don’t miss any details.

Method #1:

This is useful for compiling patterns contained in the same track channel.

1- For merging pattern sounds go to the Fruity Loops playlist.
2- Select each of the patterns you want to combine.
3- Right-click on the Track channel where the sounds are located.
4- Select the Merge Pattern Clips option.
5- It will automatically start the process to compile them all into a single file.

Method #2

The first thing you should do is select all your patterns that are in the playlist. Then go to the toolbar and choose the Edit option and a window with multiple options will appear. There you should click on Merge Pattern Clips.

Merging patterns in FL Studio 20

All your patterns will be combined automatically. I recommend you to choose only the files you want to combine.

Method #3

This is the simplest of all and is performed through keyboard shortcuts. The concept of this method is very similar to step #2. So when you have all your pattern clips picked out you have to press the shortcut CTRL+G (Merge Pattern Clips) to compile them.

It’s as easy as ABC!!! 😜

Best Settings and Good Practices

Here I want to recommend the best settings to keep in mind before consolidating your notes. This way you will get the best possible audio quality with FL Studio while rendering your audio files.

So go to the render window by pressing CTRL+ALT+C.

A) Project Type

  • Tail: Leave a remainder

B) Output format

  • WAV bit Deep: 24-bit int and set it to Stereo

C) Quality

  • Resampling: 64-point sinc or higher
  • HQ for all plugins: ON
  • Disable maximum polyphony: ON
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D) Miscellaneous

  • Save playlist makers: ON
  • Save loop makers: ON
  • Trim PDC silence: ON
  • Enable insert effects: ON
  • Enable master effects: Use only if necessary

Solving Most Frequent Problems

Many of us have had this error: could not find enough valid pattern clips or instances to merge.

Well, this issue happens frequently when we want to consolidate audio with the Merge Pattern Clips option (CTRL+G). It gives an error because this function has not been designed to compile these types of files.

The solution to this problem is to highlight the audio files to compile and right-click on the Channel of the track where they are. Then move to Consolidate this Track and press From Song Start.

This way you shouldn’t have any more problems while combining elements.

Another thing to keep in mind is that splitting tracks into clips can automatically mute them and can cause sync conflicts when compiling them. An example would be: There is no unmuted playlist selection to consolidate.

To avoid this bug, make sure you don’t have the channels you use in the playlist muted.

Thanks for reading this post and I invite you to let us know if you use any other methods of merging audio clips or patterns in FL Studio that we haven’t mentioned, that would be great!

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