10 Best Alternatives to Edison VST (Free & Paid)

Edison is one of the most popular and versatile plugins in music production for audio editing and recording, but unfortunately it is a tool exclusive to FL Studio. That’s why I’ll show you what are the best alternatives to Edison VST.

This way you will have more options and possibilities to create good quality music that will impress your audience.

For these reasons, I have made a compilation of VST plugins with similar features to Edison.

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Best Alternatives to Edison VST (Free & Paid)

Alternatives to Edison VST Plugin

Exist many music producers who like to explore and experiment with new options, and choose to use other audio editors like Edison, but have no idea where to start.

There are many alternatives to this one in the market, with similar functions and that can be used in Fruity Loops or in the DAW of your preference, but based on my experience I will show you which are the best ones.

1. TDR VOS SlickEQ

It is an editor for mixing and mastering that is characterized by its musical flexibility, clear sound, and ease of use.

It features a semi-parametric design, which gives you access to its EQ system, with 4 different modes.

In addition, it has three EQ bands with high filters and automatic controls to adjust volume and background sounds. Its main advantages and disadvantages are:


  • Convenient toolbar with advanced preset controls.
  • Undo/redo commands.
  • A/B functions for comparisons.


  • Provides little saturation in the editing process.
  • Little visual data.

2. Softube Saturation Knob

It is a distortion plugin that has a free version, designed to insert harmonic effects and sounds into tracks on an input signal.

It consists of different types of distortion such as neutral, high, and low, which allow you to get crisp tracks. Its advantages and disadvantages are:


  • Excellent plugin to achieve realistic and smooth saturation.
  • It includes MIX, LPF and HPF functions.
  • Perfect for adding distortion to guitars.


  • You need to register with a user account to access its functions.

3. BitterSweet v3

It is a plugin that works as a transient processor, with three modes: fast, medium, and slow.

BitterSweet v3 consists of three operating modes which are main, center, and stereo.

In addition, it has multiband functions and includes a sound encoder that can be run independently. Its pros and cons are:


  • It has a convenient open sound management support.
  • It comes with 8 input and output channels.
  • It manages the sound gain at the end of processing.


  • Can be somewhat complex to use the first time.
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4. Togu Audio Line TAL

This is a powerful plugin that works as a subtractive synthesizer. This free software is updated regularly and has a polyphony of voices when editing audio tracks.

The interface is organized in 4 panels, where all its editing functions and controls appear. It stands out for the following:


  • Excellent design, clear and comfortable.
  • Good audio quality.
  • It has three oscillators and 2 filters.


  • It is difficult to rearrange the effects.
  • The transposition in the sequencer is somewhat difficult to control.

5. FabFilter Pro-Q 3

It is an excellent plugin that stands out for altering the audio track in the frequency you choose, without adding any tonality to the signal.

It is characterized for being a low latency linear phase audio editor, that is to say, it prevents phase difficulties and has an intuitive design. Its strengths are as follows:


  • Options to insert or remove bands by altering the parameters in the frequencies.
  • It has MIDI connectivity for the management of controllers or surfaces.
  • Excellent sound quality.

6. Waves SSL G-Equalizer

It is an equalizer composed of 4 bands that does not use graphics in music editing, which is perfect for developing the ear in musical adjustments.


  • It stands out for adding colors to the tracks, in different tonalities.

7. Magnus Jonsson Ambience

It is a plugin that stands out for its excellent audio quality and a large collection of default sounds. You can edit them as you like.

In addition, it has easy-to-use controls and a hold function also included.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Filters and bands to adjust the sound frequency.
  • Constant updates of its functions.

8. UVI Workstation

It is a music plugin that integrates an extensive selection of presets, capable of supporting REX, Apple Loops, and WAV files.

Besides, it has advanced editing features such as special effects and arpeggiator ideal for playing your samples. Other features include are:


  • Great audio quality.
  • Removes background sounds.
  • Adds tonalities at the time of audio editing.
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9. Illformed Glitch 2

It is an equalizer designed with a sequencing system to transform any audio track.

Illformed Glitch has 9 effects and a special section for filtering that segments the audio into parts to apply the effect you want.


  • Easy to use interface and controls.
  • Frequent updates in its editing tools.
  • Excellent audio quality.

10. Green Oak Crystal

It is a free song editor that serves as an equalizer. It employs granular synthesis, FM, and sample playback in its operation.

Green Oak Crystal runs its sequences in waves, capable of creating complex and enveloping sounds.


  • Segments sound into parts to adjust playback where you want it.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • User-friendly interface.

Final thoughts

Most of these alternatives to Edison are great and have an excellent quality-price ratio.

So, if you are not an FL Studio user and are looking for some other software that offers similar utilities to Edison you might consider some of the alternative plugins mentioned above.